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Out Standing – Excellent – exceptional PR. Marketing Brand Stamp provides wide-range publicity service for all propaganda seekers

  • Handling all PR content regarding News, publicity, rumors, fake news, and crisis management
  • writing, drafting  and sending the online press releases  for online press web related to the provided content and the most appropriate magazine identity.
  • Provide a monthly pre- strategy in advance in align with the strategy submitted for each quarter for each celebrity.
  • Handling all the Media day content as booking , designing visuals and time scheduling , hospitality connections to make sure everything in the right a place for the right event, in the right time
  • preparing the the theme of the Event for the celebrity and give it the ultimate exposure and media traffic
  • establishing the celebrity identity & biography over the online various networks which mainly related to the celebrities database, such as (Wikipedia ,  IMDB.. etc
  • Handling PR Campaigns for corporates and celebrities before within and after the campaign to insure high exposure and ultimate success of the campaign in all concerned channels (Online & offline)
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