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Out Standing – Excellent – exceptional PR. Marketing Brand Stamp provides wide-range publicity service for all propaganda seekers

  • Provide an annual and updated strategy to define positioning, needs, target, and guidelines, and more, to ensure sending the right message to the targeted audience
  • Take care of all publicity all-year round, being responsible of any media requests
  • Draft and send out all press releases related to the celebrity (local and regional)
  • Draft creative feature stories and info graphics to be shared with different media outlets (local and regional)
  • Arrange feature stories with the main magazines in region
  • Manage all media relations including setting interviews & stories with main TV and radio stations (local and regional)
  • Act as a consultant; from arranging questions to answering media questions
  • Provide inside information to the celebrity, informing them about key events, key names visiting the country
  • Manage any crisis such as rumors or fake news.
Our Team
Our Team


Organized media day with key media outlets (TV, Print and Online)

We recommend the media to be invited

The media day is to ensure that the celebrity new project is taking a huge buzz, and the project news are balanced in print, online and TV publications


A media monitoring analysis report with relevance to the celebrity is to be delivered on monthly basis. Also, if a report about any specific topic is needed as well


Drafting press releases and features to the different media outlets and to our extensive mailing list includes local and regional media

Content for the website and any promotional material needed such as portfolio or sales kit.


Our team is to carry out Photo-shoots when it needed

Supervising and creating a theme for a main photo shoot for the Celebrity

Our Team

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Our Team